So you’re looking for a picturesque château in southern France for your perfect little wedding. Château Aurélia should definitely be on your list!  The château itself comfortably sleeps sixteen while the surrounding villages in Aveyron offer plenty of other accommodation as well as things to see and do.  No fewer than ten of the villages are listed as the most beautiful in France.

As winter gives way to spring at Château Aurélia, a waterfall of Wisteria crashes silently along the southern wall.  It’s the wake-up call for this verdant venue to prepare to welcome visitors once again.

The golden stone reflects the sun, bathing the area around the lake in a lustrous light.  Elsewhere, the ancient walled garden with its old fruit trees provide welcome shade.

On your special day, the barn offers all the space you need for you and your guests to enjoy your meal. And then to party!

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